Forge Ahead,Focus on Controllers!

The aim of “SmartGenCloud” is to build the most thoughtful genset cloud monitoring platform in domestic; it can combine with the characteristics of genset industry, the experience and feedback from users to achieve continuous update and improvement! Users can easily and quickly control the cloud monitoring platform..
1、Fast and ConvenientRegistration2、More SimpleCloud ModemSetting3、Chinese (Simplified, Traditional) and English Display
4、Baidu and Google Maps5、Data Record ,Download and Save6、Support Remote Restart the Cloud Modem
7、Add Light Tower Control Module8、Two Sets of Servers at Home and Abroad to Meet the Requirements of QuickAccess in Different Regions
9、Maintenance Reminding10、Can Check the Operation Log“SmartGenCloud” focuses on the customer demand all the time, continues to build the most thoughtful, the least worried, the most reassuring and the most comfortable cloud monitoring platform in domestic.
If you have other functional requirements for the cloud platform, welcome to give the valuable advice!


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