Everybody! Come and Buy Our Products in the 125th Canton Fair!

In this bustling and boisterous world, people gather and separate for the sake of self-interest. On the first day of the exhibition, the team of SmartGen came to the booth very early to do some preparation. To our surprise, a customer already came. As the saying goes, ” the early bird catches the worm.” I guess this customer must know it.

We encountered the lightning, thunder and heavy rain on the second day. However, it could not stop customers to buy, our booth was still crowded. From 9 square meters to 27 square meters, our booth is getting bigger but the congestion is unchanged!

This year, SmartGen has brought various kinds of latest controllers. Come to 3.1C03-05 to see them if you don’t know the latest products. Do not tell others, there are benefits if you come to talk with our handsome guys.


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