Engine CAN Monitor-HEM8400

HEM8400 is a kind of engine CAN monitor which is suitable for construction machinery. It can collect and display various parameters and states of engine via internal CANBUS. It has the functions of diagnosing engine alarm and adjusting speed.


1. 4.3 inches LCD display, optional Chinese/English interface;
2. J1939 international standard 9-needle engine diagnostic interface;
3. Engine diagnostic switch, easy to check fault alarm information;
4. Manual throttle switch, easy to adjust speed manually;
5. Real-time calendar, clock, event log and record runtime;
6. Starting times statistics, maintenance time reminder function;
7. Dual CANBUS interface and RS485 remote communication interface;
8. (Record time, fuel consumption, average fuel consumption) Reset button;
9. Power-on security coded lock;
10. Protection level IP65.


HEM8400 can be widely used in engineering machinery, special vehicles, generator sets and other engine-driven engineering equipment, including mining, road and bridge, petroleum, marine equipment.


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