Weichai Heavy Machinery Returns, Who Wants to Be the Challenger in High-pressure Parallel Unit?

By Zhou Wei, the marketing department of SmartGen

At the beginning of March Weichai Heavy Machinery (Weifang) Co., Ltd. produced Weichai heavy machinery king engine in the “engine home platform” was popular, in the industry set off a small boom, became a hot topic of genset industry in the first quarter. At the end of March Weichai heavy truck Chongqing branch of the six medium-speed high-power diesel engine appear, but also high-pressure parallel unit. Then will it be popular? I think so, what do you think?

Engine model: CW16V200ZD, rated power 1760KW, overload power 1936KW, rated speed of 1000 rpm. The genset is assembled and produced by Weichai Power Generation Equipment Co., Ltd., and the genset has a power of 1600KW. It adopts 6 sets of 10.5KV high-voltage unit and it is applied to a foreign project.

The so-called good horse with a good saddle, as a high-voltage genset parallel unit system, gensets, pressure regulator, speed control devices, and parallel unit controller plays a vital role. The whole system configuration can be described as high-end. Generators are used in the domestic high-voltage generator leader, China Shipping Heavy Industry 10.5KV, 2000KVA high-voltage genset. The pressure board uses the international brand ABB. Speed control system is equipped with well-known foreign brands WOODWARD, model 2301E. And the parallel unit controller as the core of the parallel unit system, using the Zhengzhou SmartGen Technology Co., Ltd. produced SmartGen brand, HGM9510 genset parallel controller.

Such an important foreign project to use the Chinese people’s own brand, let Xiaobian feel very pleased!

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Go Running, Smart Runner! Forge Ahead, SmartGen!

The 11th Zheng Kai International Marathon as scheduled held on March 26, 2017 .

This is also the “Smart Runner” of SmartGen for the first time to participate in the marathon.

As we all know, the appropriate jogging can improve physical fitness, lose weight and keep healthy. Based on this, under the care of leadership, “Smart Runner” in the beginning of 2016 came into being. Smart Runner upholds the fine style of SmartGen , “courage” as the slogan, quickly in the company forms a new boom of running fitness.

The Zheng Kai Marathon, “Smart Runner” to send two players, are the best results of their successful completion of the 42.195Km run, from the provincial capital Zhengzhou step by step ran into the Northern Song Dynasty capital —- Kaifeng.

The spirit of perseverance highlights the corporate culture of advance bravely of “SmartGen Technology”. It is by virtue of this tenacity that makes present SmartGen Technology.

Although marathon road has an end, “SmartGen Technology” keeps moving forward never stop.

Go running, Smart Runner! Forge ahead, SmartGen!

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【Project Case】 The Application of HMC6 Power Management and HMC6000 Series Marine Control Box

By Gao Songwei, the marketing department of SmartGen

Recently, the three main genset parallel vehicle system of patrol ship in Haikou Maritime Bureau debugging completed, three Cummins main genset control screen uses HMC6000 series diesel engine self-starting box, and the parallel vehicle system adopts HMC6 power management module.

The HMC6 power management for customized version in this time, not only can achieve the function of HMC6, you can also view the operation of the diesel engine at any time on the HMC6 by communicating, the whole system is more simple and smart!

HMC6000 series marine diesel engine self-starting box with LCD panel, you can achieve diesel engine remote control, local power on/off, data measurement, alarm protection and other functions. This control box can detect the speed, water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, water pressure, battery voltage and other parameters of engine, it has water level alarm input, fuel leakage alarm input and other multi-channel alarm signal input function, control box with security module, the digital output module, remote module and allows the user to obtain more functions and output interfaces besides the main control module.

The HMC6 is a power management system for ship power plants with a variety of start modes for generator control, detection and protection, it can achieve automatic synchronization and load distribution of up to 16 gensets. The system can calculate the genset start priority and other related power management functions. If one of the control units fails, the system will automatically go to the next available control unit and have overload query, non-critical load trip, history record and other functions.

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The Inventory for CCTV 3.15 Party in 2017

By Tina, the marketing department of SmartGen

Yesterday, it is the annual “315 consumer rights day”. The 27th 3.15 party even exposes many amazing truths in CCTV , let us hurry to make an inventory.
1. Encyclopedia is false entry that things can appear on it by giving money: “the world’s largest Chinese encyclopedia website” has become the largest false advertising “garbage station.”

2. “Three-no physical examination team” enters into the hundred schools, Zhengzhou Christie Visual organizes false medical examination, it is harmful for the eyes of 130,000 children.

3. Unscrupulous businessmen feed excessive drugs for animals to promote animals grow meat, another “clenbuterol” comeback, threatening human health.

4. We usually eat Japanese snacks, actually from Japan, “nuclear pollution area”: a number of unscrupulous businesses, only their own desires, imports food from radiation area in Japan.

5. Nike Kebi high-end basketball air cushion shoes “no air cushion”, “Just do it” becomes “Just cheat it”.

6. “Yuesao card” is actually “knock-off made”: a number of Yuesao intermediary, senior Yuesao documents, only pay no training will be able to take.

7. “Health talk”, deceives the elderly: unscrupulous businessmen gathered to let the elderly buy astronomical health care products.

There are a lot of terrible truth, involving all aspects of our lives, they are shocking and fearful. As ordinary consumers, these unscrupulous businesses and fake and shoddy goods, they are hard to prevent for us. We have to throw a box of Japanese snacks and put away the Nike shoes …….after reading this year’s 3.15 party.

SmartGen Technology as a socially responsible enterprise, always remembers and protects the interests of our customers. Our strength is not large, but from my start, not only to ensure that their product quality, but also zero tolerance for counterfeit products of SmartGen! We work together, so that fake and shoddy and illegal business experience “3.15” every day!
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HGM9510 Ladder Soft Loading Control Technology

By Gao Songwei, the marketing department of SmartGen

The genset is running, when a unit with overloading, after closing for the other units of power sharing, because of the need to transfer more load, if do share transfer directly can cause the shock of the two units and big speed fluctuation, so the load transfer process needs soft loading process. Due to the response of unit and the controller is inconsistent, it can lead to the soft loading process after the completion of the units is still volatile, so the controller uses the ladder soft loading, it can increase delay point when soft loading and to get early ease for over regulation or under regulation.

The specific process is as follows:

When the circuit breaker of genset closing, the genset power gradually rise, the power to set the power delay points or delay point integer times, delay after a period of time, continue to increase power until soft loading process is complete.

For example: delay loading point is set to 10%, loading time delay is set to 10 seconds, pause loading after genset power gradually rising to 10%, after the expiration of 10 seconds delay, continue to load, pause loading after power up to 20%, after the expiration of 10 seconds delay, continue to load, pause loading after power up to 30%, after the expiration of 10 seconds delay, continue to load until soft loading process is complete, begin to the normal load sharing after reaching share power.

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Grid-connected Uses SmartGen, Life Is More Beautiful!

By Zhou Zhitian, service engineer of SmartGen

A garbage landfill in Luoyang adopts 500 KW gas generator of imported brand, air source for biogas, chooses HGM9530 parallel with grid controller, AIN24 analog input module and DIN16 digital input module of SmartGen.

There are thousands of tons household garbage every day in China, if do not recycle these waste, it will not only pollute the environment seriously, also can bring a lot of disease. Smart human can recycle and decompose these sources of pollution. Using biogas generated from the chemical reaction as a new type of green energy to provide power for genset, to improve the human living environment has made a great contribution. If human civilization from find electricity to create electricity, so the new energy power generation is the continuity and development of human civilization.

The gas genset is 500KW high voltage unit in this project, the output voltage is 10500V, then through the HGM9530 closing incorporated into the national grid.

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Parallel with SmartGen, Good Use! Perfect!

By Zhou Zhitian, service engineer of SmartGen

Jiaozuo Mengniu Dairy adopts two 250KW imported gas gensets, gas for biogas. Choose two HGM9510 parallel unit controllers and one HGM9560 parallel with grid controller of SmartGen. The biogas generated from the sewage treatment plant was in the air before without installing the unit, it polluted the environment. After added unit, sewage treatment plant stores biogas produced from industrial waste water through a series of industrial waste water sewage treatment system in storage bag, there are two gas gensets by HGM9510 start closing and parallel unit when storage bag is full, then through HGM9560 and mains parallel with grid to supply part of electricity for the factory. This consumes biogas and reduces the power consumption. Energy saving and environmental protection.

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The Service Case of HGM9510 Parallel Unit and HGM9560 Parallel with Grid

By Zhou Zhitian, service engineer of SmartGen

A resort in Shanghai adopts two 150KW of domestic gas genset. Choose two HGM9510 parallel unit controllers and a HGM9560 parallel with grid controller of SmartGen. Two gas gensets parallel unit first through two HGM9510, genset as the main power supply in normal times, in peak season through HGM9560 and mains parallel with grid, the fixed power output of gas genset is 240KW, the rest of the load supply from the mains. When the load is small, single unit can supply.

The efficient use of energy is a major bright spot in this project. The cooling water tank of two units uses 40 cubic water tank, it operates through the unit and recycles hot water of cylinder body. After the hot water in the tank is processed, it is discharged through the pipeline into the hot spring pool for visitors to bathe.

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Science and Technology to Create the Future, SmartGen to Achieve the Dream

By Zhou Wei, the marketing department of SmartGen

I think a lot of people from genset industry friends have this experience: “every time you go on a business trip to carry a heavy laptop, because some parameters of the controller need to set up with a computer. There are a lot of time to the scene found that didn’t take the computer, at this time we are very regretful!”

So there is a little dream in my heart, now with the development of science and technology and the emergence of smart phones, when do the controller can also set parameters through the phone, change the configuration, debugging unit?

The SmartGen people finally realize this dream, no longer afraid forget to take my computer, no longer limited by mobile phone network,wherever you are in the basement, as long as your phone has Bluetooth function, can easily change the configuration on the Bluetooth communication module, this can debug unit.

SGB100 Bluetooth communication module is necessary on a business trip in 2017. Later on a business trip in addition to the mobile phone charger, also don’t forget to take it. Small volume, light weight and absolutely do not take the space of bag.

Computer software installation is complex, has certain requirements to operators. But mobile phone are used by everyone, just three steps to get.

Step 1: plug in SGB Bluetooth communication module

Step 2: download and install APPiGMPA6, support Bluetooth 4.1, it is recommended to use 4.7 inches or more for mobile phone screen.

Step 3: Bluetooth connection, start using

What are friends waiting for, let’s get rid of the heavy computer, easy to debug the unit.

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I Have an Appointment with the Sea

The people in the north also immersed in a festival atmosphere, and CNOOC Zhuhai base had been a scene of construction after the Spring Festival. SmartGen Technology went to the South China Sea on February 14, Valentine’s day, to participate the project acceptance of emergency genset in CNOOC Zhuhai base.

Emergency genset configures the local control box of SmartGen. The control box adopts HMC9510 series Marine controller, has voltage, frequency, current, power, power factor, and has parameter display and protects alarm functions of the engine cooling water temperature, lube pressure before/after filtration, fuel pressure, fresh water pressure, sea water pressure, exhaust temperature, winding temperature and bearing temperature. It also has the functions of automatic and manual control forecast oil supply, the blinds open in the mode of local, remote control, control mode and start, stop, close, emergency stop of genset.

Acceptance group did strict inspection according to the acceptance outline, detailed protection experiment was carried out in acceptance site. And a variety of patterns cumulative started 18 times, full load and overload ran 3 hours, the system function and each index meet the requirements for the use of emergency genset on offshore platform, smoothly through the acceptance of work. The offshore platform will stand in South China Sea in June, by that time SmartGen meets with you to see the sea.

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