SmartGen | HGM9510 Grid-connection in Biomass Gas Genset

Biomass gas refers to use crop straw, forest waste, edible fungi residue, animal dung and other combustible materials as raw materials to convert into combustible energy. In the global situation of energy saving and emission reduction, low-carbon and environmental protection, biomass fuels are developed and utilized in new forms by countries all over the world because of the advantages of wide sources, low costs, low pollution and renewable ability.

Recently, two 200kW biomass gas genset of customer are grid-connected with mains, which adopts SmartGen HGM9510 controller and outputs with 80% of constant power.

Biomass gasification synthetic fuel is an indirect liquefaction technology with a complete set of integrated technology, which gasifies biomass to produce crude gas by thermochemical method, then obtains high-quality synthetic gas through gas purification and component modulation, and then uses catalytic synthesis technology to synthesize liquid fuel after pressurization. For example, wood chips and straw are processed to produce combustible gas, which can provide energy for genset after processing and pressurization.

Biomass Gas Genset

Moreover, in the case of conditions permitting, high temperature water and exhaust temperature waste heat can be recovered to form CHP, which can further save costs and maximize the benefits.

HGM9510 genset paralleled controller in customer application, can be used for manual/auto parallel system of multiple gensets with same or different capacities. It is also suitable for single genset constant power output and mains grid-connection.

HGM9510 Debugging Site

HGM9510 Genset Paralleled Controller

HGM9510 main function and features:
1.Compatible for different engines and genset synchronous parallel control;
2.PLC and expand digital inputs, outputs, can meet specific user demand;
3.Set parameters via front panel, USB, RS485 can meet various parallel modes application;
4.Built-in GOV, AVR output control;
5.Load demand, balanced running, mains abnormal start/stop mode;
6.Active power, reactive power and power factor load distribution mode;

SmartGen upgraded parallel controller HGM9510N has passed UL certification. Looking forward to your choice!

SmartGen | “Xiao Ning”

There is an ordinary production line in an ordinary workshop. There is an ordinary employee who practices the corporate spirit of “continuous improvement, teamwork creates value” in an ordinary post with an ordinary heart, and contributes extraordinary strength.
She is our sister Xiao Ning!
She is also a star in the control panel workshop, a “star of quality”.
The production of heaters is a complicated and meticulous work. This work she loves has accompanied her through seven years in SmartGen.

In life, she is our sister Xiao Ning, careful and steady, and also our teacher and friend. She cares about the group members, tolerates their small emotions, and encourages colleagues to work passionately and live passionately.

At work, she is our “locomotive”, leads us to complete the work with high standards, high efficiency and high requirements. For the unqualified products, she actively finds out the reasons and solves them on the spot as much as possible. If they cannot be solved on the spot, she feeds back to the supervisor as soon as possible and actively follows up the progress of the solution until the problem is solved.

All efforts will be rewarded. It is her quality awareness of being responsible to the company and to the users that she has won the “star of quality” in 2020.

Today, there is a person guarding the heaters in the control panel workshop; Tomorrow, there are such a group of people guarding SmartGen products. Everything we do is only to provide you with more assured products.


SmartGen | HGM7210/20CAN—Classic Continues to Flourish

HGM7210/20CAN, which has been introduced to the market for more than 10 years, has been widely used in ECU engine at home and abroad. With the market test and verification for many years, it is enduring and widely loved by domestic and foreign customers!

1.Rich hardware configuration:

1)Both RS232 and RS485 ports can meet industry demand;
2)5-way analog input, more analog data acquisition (such as water temperature, oil pressure, fuel level, water level, oil temperature, etc.);
3)7-way digital input can be used for high water temperature, low oil pressure, low water level, low fuel level, external alarm, etc.;
4)8-way relay output, rich defined output port functions;
5)CANBUS port suits for different ECU engines.

2.Enhanced software function:

1)Defined combination output meets the demand of specific function;
2)Defined period output suits for functions like fuel pre-supply, pre-lubricating, preheat, ECU engine power on in advance, etc.;
3)Alternative configuration meets various supply mode demand of genset;
4)Complete ECU engine options, compatible with various domestic and foreign ECU engines.

HGM7220N, the upgraded version of HGM7200, has also been put on sale in 2019, and its functions and configuration have been further upgraded and optimized based on HGM7000 series. For details, please visit the or consult SmartGen office sales directors.

A cup of old wine,
Some past life,
An old friend,
So enduring.

SmartGen | We Helps 123m Reefer “Fuyuan Yuyun 266” Go to Sea

Recently, 123m reefer “Fuyuan Yuyun 266” has completed first open sea operation and returned with full cargos. It is built by Fujian Changxing Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. It is 123.30 meters in length, 18.50 meters in width, 10.50 meters in depth, 6.80 meters in design draft, 7000 tons in deadweight, 14.5 knots in service speed with 4 refrigerated fish holds, which is the first reefer built according to unlimited navigation area standard in Fujian Province and the largest reefer currently in Fujian area.

Launching Ceremony of “Fuyuan Yuyun 266” Ship

“Fuyuan Yuyun 266” after Trial Trip

Its main switchboard adopts 4 SmartGen HMC6 multi-master power management controllers to realize automatic scheduling and protection between 3 DGs and 1 SG. SG can stably parallel with diesel genset to supply power for load during open sea voyage. During the debugging process of power station, SmartGen personnel works together with the manufacturer of main switchboard, project manager of shipyard, shipowner’s representatives and genset manufacturer to ensure the power station passes acceptance of Classification Society with high standard. This is another successful application of SmartGen marine control products in marine automatic power station field.

Main Switchboard of 123m Reefer “Fuyuan Yuyun 266”

123m Reefer “Fuyuan Yuyun 266” Power Management System Composed of 4 HMC6

SmartGen Marine Engine Control & Power Station Power Management Solution Diagram

After more than 10 years of unremitting efforts, the fully domestic marine engine intelligent control and power station power management solution formed by the combination of MGCP100B/L-2 diesel engine control box and HMC6 power management controller specially developed by SmartGen for marine diesel engine, is widely applied in offshore platforms, offshore wind power booster stations, luxury yachts, public service ships, ro-ro passenger ships, container ships, bulk ships, crude oil carriers, refined oil carrier, full-rotating tugs and other ships. The products have been highly praised by end users.

SmartGen full series marine products have passed BV type approval in March, 2021. By now, SmartGen marine engine controller, distributed IO module, MGCP100B/L-2 series diesel engine control box, HMC6 power management system and power protection module have been certified by CCS and BV.

SmartGen | Don’t read the past, not afraid of the future

She is not a financial officer, but she is very good at calculating;
She is not a salesperson, but she is well versed in negotiating;
She is not a warehouse keeper, but she knows the inventory well;
In the eyes of her colleagues, she is a efficient purchasing agent;
In the eyes of her leader, she is a very trustworthy person.
She is a reassuring, intimate and warm-hearted colleague in the purchasing department: Zhang Xuejing.

In March 2011, she joined SmartGen. At that time, she had three months to graduate from university; When she first arrived, her serious and diligent look was very attractive. With her tenacity, she dealt with work with great facility and tried her best to be more excellent.

She knows that the biggest responsibility of procurement is to serve the company with the shortest delivery time, the highest quality materials, and the lowest cost. To do this well, you need to actively communicate and coordinate with suppliers and various departments of the company: coordinating project progress with R&D engineers, communicating with technical colleagues to improve material models, going to the warehouse to check the lack of materials… No matter which department you go to, you will always meet her busy figure.

Since 2020, due to the impact of the global epidemic, the supply of many materials has been difficult, and the price has increased greatly. She has made cost control and on-time delivery as the most important work. She guaranteed the company’s production needs, ensured product quality, and avoided transaction risks by negotiating and signing new framework agreements with suppliers through multiple price comparisons and negotiations, and urging suppliers to deliver on time through various methods.

When the delivery date and materials were abnormal, she often gave up the rest time to work overtime to solve various abnormal problems. During the maternity leave in 2018, she only took a rest for more than two months and voluntarily asked to return to work. She hardly took lactation leave for the next year. After a minor operation in 2021, she voluntarily asked to return to work when her right hand could not be fully moved. The leader rejected her application, but she said, “It’s okay, I’m fine all over except for my left hand! I start working earlier, and other colleagues will have less trouble.” She was such an employee who was diligent, dedicated, responsible, and always considerate of others!

Time goes by, and years will not stop because of anyone. Ten years of time can take away the years, but can’t take away the accumulated skills. Every effort will not be disappointed, every persistence will be rewarded. Xuejing has been rated as the company’s outstanding staff and benchmarking staff for many times. In 2019, she also won the first prize of lean improvement activities. Behind the honor and applause were ten years of persistence and dedication!

The original intention is easy to get, but it is always difficult to stick! May everyone can be like Xuejing, don’t read the past, not afraid of the future. Let dreams realize their due value, and let struggle become the most beautiful background of youth!

SmartGen | Congratulate Training Meeting Success of Brazil Agent

Dyv do Brasil (SmartGen Brazil) presents training meeting to a local tug shipping agency.

Recently, Dyv do Brasil (SmartGen Brazil) presents a training meeting to a local tug shipping agency, which has head office located on Salvador, Bahia state and some offices around strategic spots in Brazil. The Lumar team travelled to Itajai, Santa Catarina state to meet Paulo Moreira and Alex Lopes, from Dyv company. The HGM6120N SmartGen genset controller was presented to LUMAR TUG SHIPPING AGENCY company team.

In this case, a retrofit was made in the genset during the presentation. The old controller, model ST2160, was removed and a brand new HGM6120N were applied to the 260kVA genset. The genset is powered by a Cummins C-Series Engine and Cramaco generator. During the meeting, we also simulate mains power supply fails, monitoring of normal running and also simulate all the possible alarms that can occur due to engine or generator fails.

The customer was surprised by the quality and easily way of operation.

We are working in brazilian market providing SmartGen products with excellence at a national level. After that, LUMAR TUG SHIPPING AGENCY feels secure to acquire and use SmartGen products and turned an active customer, installed others HGM6120N on their tug ships gensets.

SmartGen丨spare no efforts and never fail your trust!

The loveliest people, take one for the team, stick to their posts become the most beautiful scenery of SmartGen.

In order to meet the users’ requirements and guarantee the delivery time, SmartGen people in all workshops will end the National Day holiday ahead of schedule to strive for the production. Supply Chain Center, Quality Control and other relevant departments will fully assist and attack to the target!

Never slacken off and concentrate efforts to guarantee the products delivery is the what SmartGen people are doing. The lovely SmartGen people sacrificed to reunite with their families, raced against time and worked hard, demonstrating the SmartGen spirit of “self-improvement and unity make perfect”. They paid silently in their ordinary posts to present gifts for the 72nd birthday of the motherland!

Thanks to users for their trust in SmartGen, and salute the professionalism of SmartGen people!
SmartGen will spare no pains and never fail your trust!

SmartGen | HAT700S + HAT832 Remote Control Debugging in Nigeria

Recently, SmartGen Nigeria agency Marieno uses HAT700S and HAT832 to debug equipment. The equipment is remotely controlled via RS485 MODBUS communication protocol and its remote data monitoring and function control are perfectly realized.

Local Control Cabinet Wiring

Customer Remote Monitoring Interface (HAT700S Control Interface)

Remote Control Effect after Debugging Success (HAT832 Control Interface)

Among that, HAT700S is dual power ATS controller, HAT832 is three power ATS controller (dual ATS).

HAT700S characteristics:

1.Silicon panel, comfortable key operation, visual display;
2.Set parameters via front panel, RS485 can meet different application demands;
3.Set system type flexibly, suitable for various ATS;
4.132×64 LCD with backlight, multilingual display;
5.Powerful accumulated supply time, accumulated close times, can better record running status;
6.RS485 isolated communication port, apply ModBus-RTU communication protocol;
7.NEL control;
8.Synchronous transfer (HAT700S), overcurrent protection (HAT700I/BI).

HAT832 characteristics:

1.Define three powers flexibly, realize three power ATS control (PC class);
2.Silicon panel, comfortable key operation, visual display;
3.Set parameters via front panel, USB, RS485 can meet different application demands;
4.4.3-inch large screen LCD display, 240×128 pixels, white backlight, multilingual display;
5.Dual RS485 isolated communication port, apply ModBus-RTU communication protocol;
6.Wide AC/DC power supply, enhanced applicability;
7.Powerful accumulated supply time, accumulated close times, can better record running status;
8.Overcurrent protection, NEL control.

Spirit丨People who persevere and work hard are ambitious

——The First Green Valley “SmartGen Cup” Quality Month long-distance relay race

Years later, when I was old, sat on a chair by the parkway with my walking stick. Looking around, there were many running children just like my younger years. In the tunnel of time, there was always a moment that made me unable to distinguish my age; There was always one encounter that made me spend all the past without regrets; There was always a scene that made me think that youth can come back; There was always one review that made me can not see what my look then.

When I think back to 2021, there are the heavy rain in July and the epidemic in August, and the early morning of September 25th.

September in 2021 is the 44th national Quality Month. With the continuous promotion of the country’s “manufacturing power” strategy, the concept of “quality power” has gradually been deeply rooted among the people. “Quality” is not only limited to product quality, but also extends to environment quality, work quality, life quality, physical quality and so on. The pursuit of quality is also the goal of SmartGen, and will be inherited at any stage of the development of SmartGen.

For people who take an active part in sports, the pursuit of quality of life and physical quality is also an active practice of the quality spirit of “continuous improvement in pursuit of perfection”. Considering this, we celebrated China’s 44th Quality Month in a special way: the first Green Valley “SmartGen Cup” Quality Month long-distance relay race came as expected!

This relay race was organized by the high-tech zone running association and fully sponsored by SmartGen. The relay race was 44 kilometers long, which meant the 44th National Quality Month. Seven teams (5 people in each team, including at least one female player) from the high-tech zone enterprises, communities, colleges and municipal supervisory team respectively completed the 44 kilometers race. SmartGen selected 6 athletes from various departments to participate in the race.

The heavy rain could not dampen our enthusiasm. The leading team rode the dust, and the backward team tried to catch up. As the runner, although SmartGen team was amateur, we had professional spirit. The weather wasn’t cooperating and the rain kept falling, all team members worked together and did their best. Finally, after a five-stick relay, the SmartGen team successfully completed the competition with excellent results!

After the race, Cui Wenfeng, the general manager of SmartGen and the relevant person in charge of the high-tech zone municipal supervisory team, gave awards and took a group photo for each team, and affirmed the positive significance of this race and the unremitting pursuit of quality! SmartGen was honored to participate in this race as a sponsor. Thank you for the strong support of the high-tech zone municipal supervisory team, the wonderful organization of the running sports association, and the active participation of all runners!

The race was successfully held! And the wonderful race was worth recalling for a long time!

The road was tortuous and long. Although the bad weather before the race brought us many difficulties. Those who persisted in practice and worked hard were ambitious people. This was the best embodiment of the enterprise spirit of “continuous improvement, teamwork creates value”!